Energy Medicine Ethics


The Energy Medicine Programme focuses on personal transformations and healing of body, emotion, mind and spirit with a psycho-spiritual process. The energy system is cleared, balanced and energized, thus assisting the client to self heal. The “healing contact” or relationship is made between the healer and healee through co-creation of meaning. Through this relationship the energy system is assessed, then an energetic diagnosis is made to determine the appropriate intervention(s) to support the client’s return to health or ability to maintain health and prevent illness. After the intervention, an evaluation is made to determine the outcome of the energetic care and appropriate follow-up. Energy Medicine is a complementary programme.

The client’s permission for care is required and he/she is given information to make informed decisions regarding the inclusion of energy work as part of his/her health regimen. The language used to describe energetic care is appropriate to the client’s need, ability and personal situation. The principle of “for the client’s highest good” guides all work while respecting each individual’s spiritual beliefs and cultural heritage.

Confidential records are kept and treatment is documented and kept in a safe, secure space so that the individual’s identity and situation is not compromised in any way. Individuals are not discriminated against because of race, sex, creed, religious beliefs, illness, social/cultural situations or sexual orientation. The person is honoured, treated with respect, and his/her privacy is maintained at all times.

A sacred space is created for the healing whether it takes place in the client’s home, healer’s home or office, hospital or agency setting or, in the case of an emergency, at the scene.

This work complements traditional care. The client is encouraged to maintain his/her regular medical care. Referrals are made as appropriate. All care is coordinated with others as appropriate respecting the wishes of the client who is in charge of his/her care. A fee for services may be charged that is reasonable and based on the background and training of the practitioner who practises within the scope of his/her background and training. Practitioners are required to meet all obligations to practice in the community and setting of choice. Supervision for care given is available through Energy medicine partnerships and peers as the need arises.

The Energy Medicine Practitioner/Specialist maintains high standards in providing care and practices under this Code of Ethics. All care contributes to the ongoing development of energy-based treatments and provides invaluable resources for all practitioners and the general public at large.

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“Keeping your body healthy is an expression of gratitude to the whole cosmos

– the trees, the clouds, everything.”

Thich Nhat Hanh