Energy Medicine

“Enlightenment comes with the journey and self-reflection, tuning in to the vibrations and altering them as needed. This is your task – To know you,  Accept you, And become all you were meant to be.” Mary Jo Bulbrook

Sima – Flowers 2006

The founder of Transform your life through Energy Medicine (known as Tylem™) is Dr Mary Jo Bulbrook, a medical intuitive, who developed this programme by drawing on the vast experience acquired from her distinguished 20 year career as a university professor and clinical specialist in psychiatric mental health nursing.

“Energy Medicine is the art and science of healing through the energy system. It integrates complementary therapies with traditional healthcare, using a holistic approach to healing. Physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects all interrelate and effect a person’s overall health and well-being.” – Mary Jo Bulbrook.

Thoughts, experiences and beliefs that may be causing an imbalance are identified and a comprehensive assessment is made. A psycho-spiritual treatment process uses energetic interventions to help balance and restore energy flow. A Tylem Energy Medicine Practitioner operates under a strict Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice.

Energy Medicine can assist one to :

  • Reduce stress and promote relaxation.
  • Address illnesses and health challenges.
  • Improve concentration and learning.
  • Heal family and relationship issues.
  • Eliminate past hurts, fears and disappointments.
  • Change limiting beliefs.
  • Manage pain.
  • Recover from trauma.
  • Cope with grief or loss.

Dr Mary Jo Bulbrook & Sima in 2006 – Muscle Testing