Earth Magic

“Nature is not matter only, she is also spirit.

Spirit seems to be the inside of things…. the soul of objects.” C.G. Jung

Sima – Green Man 2007

In ancient times, humanity recognised itself as one with nature, the health of an individual as linked with the health of the collective whole. The web of life that connected all things was alive carrying spirit energy. There was no difference in dreaming and waking, and the natural and the supernatural  were one and the same.

Chinese writings describe the Tao; the energy of life that flows everywhere and is present in all things. To work with the Tao is to be in harmony with the whole.

If the outer world was to be transformed, it was understood that the process began within. Mankind is a microcosm of the whole, what happens to an individual can happen to humanity and to Life itself.

Imagination and dreamwork are powerful means of working with the symbolic realm of the soul. We have the potential to bring together the levels of reality that we perceive as separate, to unite the inner and outer.

The Earth generates an incredibly powerful energy field that surrounds and permeates everything upon it. Humanity has lost its connection to the rhythms of Nature and this separation has resulted in humanity losing access to a source of healing energy and power.  In healing ourselves, we help to heal the Earth Mother – plant, animal, human and spirit. By changing our perception we change our reality. We see the beauty in all things. We change ourselves, knowing that our outer world will reflect back to us the inner changes that we make.  The masculine, rationalistic approach should be balanced with the intuitive knowing of the feminine.

The state of the planet is warning us that global chaos is imminent. However, it is believed that if enough people access this energy and learn to use it according to its highest potential, then there can be healing rather than destruction.

Energy medicine provides us with tools to re-establish harmony within ourselves and with the planet we live on.

We are the magic that is waiting to happen.

Much of the notes above are sourced from the writings of Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee.
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“May Heaven above you, and Earth below you, Unite within you, to support you on your way.” Runic Saying