“We all have the potential to dream a sacred and courageous dream, one that goes beyond serving our personal desires and brings beauty to the world.” Alberto Villoldo

Sima – Mandala 2008

A deep appreciation to the many healers who have guided me along a  journey of growth and inspiration and who have graced me with their teachings and insights. Also to Dr Ian Player who kindly made available his huge library and mentored me in my studies of the dream, particularly from a Jungian perspective , which has been my focus in my Energy Medicine Specialist work.
Thanks to my long-standing Iyengar yoga teachers, Joyce Stuart (Padma),  Stephanie Alexander and Barbara De Jong, who have helped make yoga my strengthening and balancing “tools”, so essential to a state of inner peace and spiritual connection.

“Sometimes a tree can tell you more than can be read in a book.” C.G Jung