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Earth Magic Healing and Yoga
Jennifer Thord-Gray

Toni – Green Man 2007

Energy Medicine Specialist & Instructor
Incorporating Jungian Dream Work

Touch for Health Kinesiologist

Yoga and Meditation Teacher

Howick, Kwazulu Natal, South Africa
Cell : +2782 642 8886
Email: jennifer@earthmagic.co.za

A consultation would focus on the healing of body, emotion, mind and spirit with a psycho-spiritual methodology. The energy system is cleared, balanced and energised, thus assisting the client to self-heal.  This work complements traditional care, and clients are encouraged to maintain their regular medical care.

Dreams can also be explored as they are messages from the inner worlds, providing natural guides to self healing and wholeness.

Touch For Health Kinesiology uses a combination of the traditional ancient Chinese medicine system and scientific knowledge of the functioning of the muscles of the body, and the central nervous system.

Who would benefit ?

Anyone, from all age groups, genders, race groups and religions that have physical, emotional or mental challenges that would be needing extra energy and an improved quality of life. Blockages and negative energy are cleared using various techniques, and an indepth balancing of the energetic levels is carried out; the auric field, chakras, hara line and meridian systems. The process can assist in reducing stress and promoting relaxation, pain management, trauma recovery, coping from grief or loss, improving concentration, and reducing physical symptoms of ill health, as well as assisting the process of dying consciously. Children, particularly, are positively effected by the balancing process.

Where can you find me ?

Consultations: I have a consulting room in Howick, Kwazulu Natal.  A general balancing session could comprise of a combination of balancing techniques; Energy Medicine, Kinesiology and Dreamwork.

Howick – Tuesdays and Thursdays 5.30pm. Booking essential.
Private sessions can be arranged on request. Beginners welcome.

Meditation:  I can be booked for group or individual meditation instruction, however I do introduce basic breath awareness and  meditation techniques within the yoga sessions.

Dreamwork:   Learn how to begin to understand the dreams that confuse and amuse. A symbolic forgotten language that can assist with inner growth and healing on all levels.

“You don’t look out there for God, something in the sky, you look in you.” Alan Watts